Expert advice: how to prepare your home properly for autumn


Expert advice: how to prepare your home properly for autumn

The gradually cooling evenings are a relentless harbinger of the end of summer. The upcoming cold and rainy season requires all kinds of preparation, but one of the most important aspects of welcoming autumn in a comfortable and safe way is to prepare your home for it.

Virgeda Jackaitė, CEO of Civinity group, one of the largest building maintenance and engineering solutions companies in the Baltics, says that the number of customer enquiries increases every year as the weather gets colder, but proper preparation can help you avoid the hassle.

“The start of the cold season is a responsible time of preparation for all housing administrators or community presidents. We check the condition of apartment buildings’ piping, heating systems, roofs, doors, windows and any other areas that could let in cold or moisture.

We check common areas such as staircases, cellars and balconies, but everyone should do the same at home at the start of the autumn season: make sure the windows and doors in your apartment are tight, radiators are free of clutter, and air conditioners or boilers in your home are running smoothly,” advises the head of the Civinity Group.

All of this, she says, will help keep the heat in without wasting it. The home will be warmer and the bills and environmental damage will be lower.

It is also important not to wait for the winter and autumn frosts and to deal with leaks, says Jackaitė.

“If you know that water may be flowing in one place or another when heavy rains start, you should not wait until late autumn to report it. Most roof repairs cannot be carried out in cold and wet weather, so if you get them done in the summer, you won’t have to endure the same unpleasantness again,” says the expert.

When it comes to roofs and leaks, regular inspection and cleaning of gutters is also essential.

“Our experts assess them during regular inspections and cleaning them often helps to prevent potential leaks or resolve them promptly. In autumn, when the leaves of the trees fall, the chances of blockages increase, so checking the condition of gutters at the beginning of the season is essential.

If the house is not looked after by an administrator, but by the residents themselves in a community, it is important to remember this as the cold season approaches,” says Jackaitė.

“She also reminds us that it is important to consider the branches of the trees above the roofs: the leaves will fall directly onto the roof, and when they rot there, they can damage the structures or even attract parasites. Therefore, in preparation for autumn, either regular cleaning should be ensured or the branches should be trimmed.

One of the most effective ways to create a pleasant environment is to give your home a very thorough clean and tidy up. Getting rid of unnecessary items or putting them away in a tidy way will give you more space in your home, which is essential for your well-being. Clean windows and walls will ensure more natural light in the home,” advises V. Jackaitė.

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