“Civinity Engineering” will install engineering systems at the “Homanit Lietuva” factory: the value of the contract is more than 5 million. euros


“Civinity Engineering” will install engineering systems at the “Homanit Lietuva” factory: the value of the contract is more than 5 million. euros

Civinity Engineering has signed more than 5 million EUR contract with the German company “Homanit” for the design and installation of engineering systems in the new “Homanit Lietuva” factory that is being built in Pagiriai, where components for the furniture, door and parquet industries will be produced.

Civinity Engineering will design and install the heating, ventilation, cooling, plumbing and wastewater systems at this plant.

“The Homanit Lietuva factory under construction is perhaps the largest construction site in Lithuania at the moment. We are glad that our experience in the field of engineering systems design and installation has been evaluated by another significant project”, comments Titas Kecorius, Director of Civinity Engineering.

The company “Homanit” currently has factories in Germany and Poland. The main products of all Homanit companies are medium (MDF) and high (HDF) density compressed wood fiberboards. The company is the world leader in the production of HDF components. The “Homanit Lietuva” factory in Pagiriai will be the fourth production company of the group. It will start operations in 2023.

“Our strategic goal is to be closer to our customers – furniture manufacturers. Homanit Group’s decision to build its fourth factory in Lithuania shows not only the need in the local market, but also its growth potential. We hope that this factory will contribute to the further success of the country’s wood and furniture industry and will further consolidate the position of Lithuanian companies in the global market”, emphasizes Andrius Ostrauskas, CEO of Homanit Lietuva.

About Civinity Engineering:

Civinity Engineering is one of the largest engineering systems design and installation companies in Lithuania. The company specializes in engineering solutions for buildings of different purposes – its installed systems are used in Vilnius “Park Town”, “Green Hall”, Kaunas “Magnum” business centers, “DEPO”, “Nordika” shopping centers, “BOD” research center, “Švyturys” beer factory and elsewhere. Civinity Engineering is part of Civinity, one of the largest housing and commercial building management companies in the Baltic States. Civinity Engineering has been designing and installing engineering systems since 1999, and has designed and installed more than six million square meters of buildings. More than 200 employees carry out projects in Lithuania and the United Kingdom.