Ninth business center in Vilnius features the latest energy-efficient engineering systems  


Ninth business center in Vilnius features the latest energy-efficient engineering systems  

Civinity Engineering will be responsible for the engineering system solutions for the new skyscraper of the FLOW business center in Lviv Street, Vilnius, where it is planned to install future-proof, energy-efficient and sustainable engineering solutions to monitor and control the building’s micro climate parameters.  

The office building will consist of two interconnected parts of the building, 15 and 20 storeys high, with ergonomic and easily divisible office spaces. The building has a total floor area of 20 000 m² and an expected energy efficiency class of A++. The total cost of the works will amount to almost EUR 5 million. 

“The FLOW Business Center will be built in accordance with the international standard for sustainable buildings. It is planned to be awarded “New Construction Outstanding”  rating, which would be one of the first in the Baltic States. To minimize pollution, priority will be given to local producers. The choice of building materials will be prioritized by local producers and some of them will be made from recycled”,- says Remigijus Bimba, architect at AKG. 

Each floor of the office will have separate mechanical air supply and exhaust systems with integrated heat recovery technology. This engineering solution will ensure individual heating or cooling of the office and each of its rooms at the same time.  

“In this EIKA-managed business center, we will carry out the design and installation of the ventilation, smoke extraction, heating, cooling, heat generation, plumbing and sewage, fire suppression and process control and automation systems. I can therefore assure you that these engineering solutions will make the visitors of the FLOW Business Center feel comfortable and the building manager save energy,” -says Titas Kecorius, Director of Civinity Engineering.   

The building’s space heating systems will be powered by state-of-the-art air-to-air heat pumps, which will meet the heating needs of the administrative areas. During the warmer months of the year, Civinity Engineering will design and install innovative heat pumps with a triple-vented VRF system for cooling and partial heating of the indoor air in order to maintain the highest hygiene standards.

FLOW is the ninth project to be installed by Civinity Engineering in a major business center in Vilnius city center. The company has also installed Greenhall 2, Greenhall 3, Park town (west hill), Park town (east hill), Asgaard keys, LINK, Uniq and Core business centers. 

About Civinity Engineering  

Civinity Engineering is one of the largest engineering systems design and installation companies in Lithuania. The company specialises in engineering solutions for buildings of different purposes – its systems are used in Vilnius Park Town, Green Hall, Bussines garden and other business centers, DEPO shopping centers, BOD research center, Kaunas Žalgiris and Vilnius Lazdynai swimming pools, Švyturys brewery and others. “Civinity Engineering is part of Civinity, one of the largest housing and commercial building management groups in the Baltic States. It has been involved in the design and installation of engineering systems since 1999 and has designed and installed more than six million square meters of buildings. More than 150 employees carry out projects in Lithuania, the UK, Germany and Denmark.