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We are a proactive customer-oriented team of professionals pursuing the maximum benefit and effectiveness for our customers by providing services of administration and maintenance of residential buildings.

Our story

We have been engaged in the administration and maintenance of multi-apartment buildings since 1991. Our knowledge and many years of experience, as well as the use of state-of-the-art technologies, allow us ensuring maximum satisfaction of our customers and retention or even an increase in the value of their real estate.

The history of Civinity Home began with companies of administration of multi-apartment residential buildings in Lithuania. In the last 15 years, 12 separate companies have merged in Lithuanian and Latvian cities, which are now represented by a common international brand Civinity Namai, which ensures the best service and value creation for each client.


Multi-apartment building administration and maintenance companies became Civinity Home


The first multi-apartment building administration and maintenance company was acquired in Riga, Latvia


Civinity entered the Latvian market acquiring the first multi-apartment administration and maintenance company in Jūrmala


Start of Civinity operations while acquiring the first multi-apartment administration and maintenance company in Klaipeda, Lithuania


Multi-apartment building administration and maintenance companies started providing services in Ryga (Latvia)


Multi-apartment building administration and maintenance companies started operating in Jūrmala (Latvia)


Multi-apartment building administration and maintenance companies started operating in Klaipėda and Palanga (Lithuania)

Our values

One Team

We are a team, not just individual talents and professionals in our field. We understand that we can only achieve our goals by working together, using synergies, sharing roles, functions and competences.

Sustainable results

We understand sustainability as an orientation towards long-term solutions that ensure future development, growth and expansion. We value results-oriented activities, the achievement of a financial result, which is also the basis for our future performance.


We understand that business breakthroughs are difficult to achieve without innovation. We strive to create a culture that encourages new ideas. From the top management to every employee, we are constantly looking for innovation to make the cities of tomorrow smart, green and friendly not only for future generations, but also for today’s people.


We understand that our company, like our customers, is first and foremost about people. We are a people-oriented company that puts every aspect of people’s needs first, so we look at the situation from the perspective of our employees and our customers and try to find the best solutions for them.

We operate

We provide all multi-apartment building administration and maintenance services in the biggest cities of Lithuania.

Civinity Namai is headquartered in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Kretinga and Palanga.

30 years in the market
300+ employees, 2020
5 cities
3 M m2 total area of residential buildings, 2020

We provide all multi-apartment building administration and maintenance, commercial and public building maintenance services in Latvia.

Civinity Mājas is headquartered in Riga and Jūrmala.

22 years in the market
500 employees in 2020
2 cities
1.5M m2 of maintained area

We – Civinity group – are a continuously growing, one of the largest building maintenance and engineering solutions group in the Baltics, combining the full range of services provided to our clients under three main brands: Civinity Home, Civinity Solutions and Civinity Engineering.

Civinity group is is headquartered in Vilnius.

1500 employees, 2020
50M revenue, 2020
10M m2 total area under maintenance, 2020
2000+ completed engineering projects

Our team

Meet our continuously learning result-oriented team. We are proactive, curious and strive to ensure that our clients receive top-quality services every day.



Virgeda Jackaitė

“Civinity Lietuva”

Jūratė Kuznecovienė

“City billing solutions”

Živilė Krauzienė

Director of Customer Service Department
“Civinity Lietuva”

Justinas Baušys

Director of Procurement Department
“Civinity Lietuva”

Justas Laužikas

Director of Sales Department
“Civinity Lietuva”

Lauras Oznobkinas

“Smart Technologies”

Titas Kecorius

“Civinity Engineering”

Tadas Kuznecovas

Vilnius Regional Director
“Civinity namai”
“Civinity namai Vilnius”

Rokas Drąsutavičius

Kaunas Regional Director
“Civinity namai Kaunas”

Artūras Kavaliauskas

Klaipėda Regional Director
“Civinity namai Klaipėda”

Arūnas Armanavičius


Darius Pūras


Ignas Daunys

“Civinity Renovacija”

Ernestas Kilas


Edita Gimbickaja

“Civinity Solutions”

Vaiva Laneckienė


Virgeda Jackaitė

Chief Executive Officer
Civinity group

Erikas Leontjev

Chief Analytics Officer
Civinity group

Darius Alutis

Chief Legal Officer
Civinity group

Justė Prunskienė

Chief Operating Officer
Civinity Group

Daiva Juonienė

Chief Human Resources Officer
Civinity Group

For suppliers

We are constantly searching for new opportunities to apply innovative products and services in our activities.

Become our partner and let’s work together for a common goal – to provide top-quality services to our customers.

We procure services and goods through the website, where information about all currently held procurement procedures is also available.

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For media

To contact our public relations representatives, choose a team that matches the topic you are interested in.

If you have questions about Civinity group as a whole, please contact us using the group’s contacts. To receive information on Civinity activities in specific countries, select the contacts of the country that you are interested in.

Venta Jackaite

Communication manager
Phone: +370 695 81 721
[email protected]

Venta Jackaite

Communication manager
Phone: +370 695 81 721
[email protected]


Venta Jackaite

Communication manager
Phone: +370 695 81 721
[email protected]

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