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Dear clients, please consider the following important information.


Due to restrictions during the NATO Summit, we will not be able to receive you in our office on 10-12 July. Please contact us at [email protected] or by phone +370 700 55 188.


Vilnius City Municipality informs that on August 29th. On the territory of the National Stadium, contractors will conduct a pilot bombing to dismantle old structures. During the day you can hear 4 explosions. Explosions are not dangerous for the safety of you or your home, so we ask you not to be scared and, if you have the opportunity – to share information with your neighbors.


We would like to inform you that we serve customers in the offices every Tuesday from 1 p.m. until 5 pm.

We will also be happy to provide all the necessary information to all our customers in the self-service portal mano.civinity.lt, by e-mail [email protected] and phone 8 700 55188. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Get bills faster and more convenient – contact customer service at 8 700 55188 or email email [email protected] and order an electronic invoice. Let’s protect nature together!


In case your contacts change please do not forget to update them by contacting our customer service centre by phone 8 700 55188 or e-mail email [email protected]. Your up-to-date contacts will allow us to share important information with you on time.

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“Thank you to the worker who cleans the staircases in our building. Thanks to her, I am now able to hold on to the handrail when climbing from the 4th floor, and the staircase has become like a gym for me, because it is more pleasant, and I want to do walk around it more […]

„Our house manager he helped us to implement the project and save money. We are satisfied with the completed roof renovation work.” Residents of an apartment block in M. Dauksos street in Vilnius Old Town have encountered a leaking roof problem. The roof was old and worn out. The problem was brought to the attention […]

“I am satisfied with the new elevator, which is much more spacious and brighter. The new elevator is so much better and, most importantly, I cannot hear the sounds of it.” In 45 Prancuzu Street, Kaunas, residents of an apartment block were experiencing intermittent elevator outages. Some of the faults in the elevator were critical […]

Ongoing procurement accouncements

Civinity group procurement announcements are publicly available on the “Mercell” procurement platform, where registered suppliers can participate in Civinity group procurement openings.

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