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In Kaunas, the staircase of 58 Kovo 11-osios Street was not being cleaned. During the quarantine period, we resumed periodic cleaning and disinfection of the common areas of the building to ensure the safety of the residents and to comply with the requirements of the building administrator. From now on, residents no longer have to […]

In 45 Prancuzu Street, Kaunas, residents of an apartment block were experiencing intermittent elevator outages. Some of the faults in the elevator were critical and the following defects were noted during the annual inspection – worn out elevator cabin and counterweight slides, reductor worm gears were approaching critical limits, burnt relay contacts in the control […]

A water supply system accident has occurred in an apartment block at 27A Minties Rato Street in Kaunas. After the accident, the residents faced the problem of water constantly blocking the city’s sewage manholes. The residents repeatedly contacted the water supply company but received no response. The Civinity emergency service was called, and it found […]

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