The apartment administrator advises: how to say goodbye to the Christmas trees properly


The apartment administrator advises: how to say goodbye to the Christmas trees properly

After the big holidays of the year, the day has dawned when you need to decorate the Christmas tree and say goodbye to it properly. Martynas Naujokas, a representative of Civinity, one of the largest building maintenance and engineering solutions groups in the Baltics, urges the residents of apartment buildings to behave responsibly and not to throw the decorated Christmas trees into mixed waste containers.

The multi-apartment administration company notices that the chaos in the supermarkets ahead of the holidays is moving to waste containers near apartment buildings in the first weeks of January. Martynas Naujokas, a representative of Civinity, advises how to avoid worries and get better after the holidays.

Deliver the Christmas trees to the Christmas tree collection points. It is very important that residents do not throw Christmas trees into unsuitable mixed waste containers or leave them near them. Disposing of Christmas trees in containers will fill them extremely quickly and leave no room for normal waste. As a result, it may be necessary to change their departure schedules, which may cost the population additional costs. Each year, after the Feast of the Three Kings, the city councils inform about the Christmas tree collection points on their official websites.

There is a fine for a tree left behind. A big mistake you can make in saying goodbye to a Christmas tree is to leave it next to the containers. The idea of ​​leaving a Christmas tree next to mixed waste containers can end in fine. Such a farewell can cost up to 600 Eur. Spruce should only be disposed of at designated collection points.

Shake the needles. Before taking the Christmas tree out of the house, shake the dried needles and wrap the Christmas tree in a film or other material. This will prevent pollution of the stairwell, elevator and yard environment and will not require additional maintenance work.

Plant Christmas trees. We advise residents who have purchased a Christmas tree in pots to save it until spring, moving it from the apartment to the balcony or terrace after the holidays, and to transplant it in the personal area or in the yard belonging to the apartment when the weather warms up.

It is important to understand that other plastic, paper or glass waste left over after the holidays needs to be sorted. This will save nature and the residents of apartment buildings will be satisfied with the order at the containers.

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