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“The company provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of the client and to foster the innovative building.” The 14 000 square metre business centre “Evolutions” is located in Ukmerges street, Vilnius. Opened in 2009, the stylish, 10-floor building is managed and its engineering systems are maintained by Civinity Solutions. The company […]

“The company’s maintenance work understands the client’s desire to provide a comfortable stay for visitors, so it maintains the building in such a way that all engineering systems run like a Swiss watch.” Civinity Solutions is responsible for the maintenance of the unique 2 800 000 square metre Vilnius Grand Resort leisure, recreation, entertainment, and […]

“We choose all our partners and suppliers very carefully, ensuring that our values and attitudes are aligned. In this case, we set very high standards when choosing the company responsible for building maintenance, considering the quality of the services provided, the responsibility, and the innovative solutions applied in our operations.” Civinity Solutions has been entrusted […]