Bought an apartment? The first job is the rewriting of contracts


Bought an apartment? The first job is the rewriting of contracts

After the purchase of new houses, the settlers most often begin to plan the work of settling down and moving, but in addition to all these works, the first work of the new owners of the apartment should be to provide information to the administrator of the apartment building about the changed owner of the apartment and sign contracts with other utilities providers.

Why is this important?

As Živilė Krauzienė, head of the Customer Service Center of the company “Civinity Namai”, which provides administration and maintenance services of apartment buildings, observes in major Cities of Lithuania, the new apartment owners delay providing updated information due to which the administrator of the apartment building cannot inform the new owner about the amounts and debts due, change the method of delivery of the invoice, and also in the event of emergency situations cannot contact the owner.

“In our work, we are faced with the flawed practices of new homeowners. Often, they do not inform the administrator of an apartment building about the  changes in owners that have occurred.  And so prevents the receipt of basic information related to real estate.  It is important to understand that thesheepman does not need to conclude a separate contract with the administrator of the house, it is just enough to provide information  by e-mail,” says Živilė Krauzienė, the head of the customer service center.

When providing information about the acquired real estate to the administrator of an apartment building, you must provide an extract from the Center of Registers, which would indicate the acquisition of property and the payer’s code issued by the electricity supplier. When applying, you are also asked to provide your contact details, i.e. phone number and e-mail.

Specified contact – an opportunity to know about the work and services performed

It is important to understand that the administrator of an apartment building seeks smooth cooperation with customers, so if you provide information, you will always be informed about the events taking place in your house. Also, the new owner will be able to register on the self-service platform “Mano Civinity”, where the owner of the apartment will be able to ask a question to a customer service specialist, get acquainted with the most frequently asked questions of customers, find information about the repairs planned and carried out in the house, view bills and pay them, find annual activity reports and other useful information.

Capture indicator data with the former owner of the dwelling

New apartment owners often have a question about rewriting other contracts and concluding new ones. It is important to conclude new contracts with other service providers, such as heat, electricity, gas, water, household waste. Ž. Krauzienė advises the settlers to record the meter readings for the first time together with the former owner of the dwelling.

“In order to avoid misunderstandings, we always advise homeowners to record meter readings together with the former homeowner so that it is clear to both sides from which reading taxes the new owner has to pay.

When contracts with service providers are signed or rewritten, it is worth considering the methods of payment for utilities. Payment can be made at the “Mano Civinity” self-service platform, at the Post office of Lithuania, at the pearl terminals or in the electronic banking account. Residents who are looking for a faster and one way to pay for utilities choose automated payment systems, where after logging in only for the first time you need to enter the payer’s code and update the lines of the consumed readings every month. It is recommended to pay for all the services of suppliers by the 25th day of the current month.

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